Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blossoms and Drama

While struggling to put our income tax stuff together I looked out the window and saw this. The sky suddenly turned very dark and a gentle rain began and ended as sunshine briefly broke through the clouds. The cherry blossoms have been in full bloom for more than a week, thanks in large part to the cool weather. They're just starting to shed some petals, but they're still plentiful and lovely around the city. The sight of them never gets old!


Janney said...

Wow.. what a lovely view you have. Spring aye? we're just into Autumn here. (And so glad I don't have to deal with income tax. The government does that for us).

Mark said...

I agree, awesome view, and I hate that I'm on the boat and not able to be in DC with my daughter, enjoying the cherry blossums. Beautiful photo

dcpeg said...

Thanks for your comments!! Interestingly enough, not long after I shot that pic we had pea-sized hail. It didn't last long and the wind that came through with it didn't seem to hurt the blossoms, either. It's a miracle! ;-)