Friday, March 25, 2011

An Elizabeth Taylor Story

For nearly 20 years, I lived catty-corner to the old F Street Club. It has since been converted back into a residence, now for the GWU President, complete with quiet zone signs. Don't know how he rates them, but there ya go!

Anyway, the F Street Club was famous for not being famous. Membership was very exclusive and select. Comings and goings were usually discreet, but when various presidents came to visit, we'd have Secret Services guys on our roof and others surrounding the club. They'd yell at us if we opened a window. Kinda scarey with all the binoculars and fire power they carried.

When Elizabeth Taylor became Mrs. Senator John Warner, she sometimes visited the club. No paparrazi in those days, at least I don't think anyone ever told them about this private club. Besides, it's members were mostly old Washington society, business and government types. I do believe Mrs. Warner was the first real star to put in an appearance.

Our 1937 apartment building had a maintenance engineer probably born around that time. He was a big, lumbering guy with a habit of cooking chitterlings (pronounced chitlins, y'all) very late at night. The odor would waft up into our bedroom through the ancient heating ducts. Now I like chitterlings, but I don't want to be wakened by the smell of 'um!

George was a gentle giant who enjoyed his "baby" -- any bottle of scotch that made it's way into his huge hands. He worked hard and smoked like a chimney, too so there was always a pungent odor about him.

Over the years we became buddies. My apartment had a serious case of mice and George always came up to empty the traps and reload them with peanut butter. To this day, I WILL NOT handle a mouse trap! Never have/never will. Thank God George was so understanding. Although, come to think of it, he often expressed an interest in getting to know me better . . . . uh hunh.

Back to Liz -- George was seeing the cook who worked at the club. I never was quite sure whether or not they were married, but he spent a fair amount of time over there, especially after banquets or luncheons. Lotsa leftovers!

It seems Mrs. Warner was a pretty down to earth lady and enjoyed visiting with the help in the kitchen. She made it a point to express compliments and thanks for a good meal.

On this particular evening, George was again hanging out in the kitchen when Mrs. Warner toddled in. She was wearing THE RING -- the humongous diamond Richard had given her. George ambled over to her to ask if he could see it up close. She took it off her finger and put it on George's!! He didn't make it out of the kitchen with it but the memory stuck with those of us he told.


George has been gone for years now. I wonder if he'll see Elizabeth in heaven. Maybe she'll introduce him to her buddy Michael Jackson.

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Mark said...

Yes, I think they're together now. Crazy story. Didn't figure Liz for a regular down to earth gal, good for her.