Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It Must Stop

Is that guy in Florida, Terry Jones, who calls himself a pastor, a psychotic idiot or just plain wacko? His followers have diminished to the point the only people he preaches to these days are family members. His career history here and in Europe is scary. Burning a copy of the Koran may earn him what I think he's after -- martyrdom. I'm not wishing that on him, just trying to figure out his motivation for doing something he knew would enrage people. Passionate overreaction is not foreign to hard line Islamists, so the slaughter of innocent, peaceful, nonMuslims was no surprise. Yet this "preacher" claims no culpability. Such a gifted liar and con-man. Let's be honest here. The inflammatory rhetoric this guy is so fond of is the same kind used by some Muslim leaders to rile up their largely unworldly, under-educated followers. It's how cults catch and hold converts. The majority of Muslims in the developed world abhor what has happened in Afghanistan and elsewhere. As with every other freedom we Americans enjoy, freedom of speech requires serious forethought. Clearly none was given before Terry Jones pulled his publicity stunt. He's a squeaky wheel that doesn't deserve any grease. At the very least, he needs to be censured by the media.

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