Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rorschach Revisited

Remember the old ink blot personality tests? Won't go into what they looked like, but this is representative of my new take on the old ink blots. No tests, however -- just hope you enjoy.

Now HERE is Winter!

Just captured these from our balcony. The snow is fluffy and piling up quickly. So much for our chance of flurries today -- HURRAY!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can you smell it?

We've waited in anticipation for two weeks and now enjoy the glorious fragrance of this hyacinth plant in the center of our dining table. Use your imagination and enjoy the scent with us.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Luxury of Warmth in February

Lazing in our cozy bed this morning,I started to think of all those who cannot enjoy the luxury of a heated home; people right here, in our nation's capital and around the world. Some lost everything in earthquakes, hurricanes and other, natural disasters while many fled armed conflicts only to end up as desperate refugees or simply lost in the wilderness of their minds. We Americans seem to feel entitled to everything that money can buy. This self-centered attitude causes pain and suffering for people far removed from our daily lives. We must not forget those who work so hard to survive in tents and hovels, providing for their families on slave wages in sweat shops and brothels. Human DNA links each and every one of us. Regardless of how you label yourself, you are a member of humankind. That obligates those of us who have to share with those who do not. Please give something to your favorite charity in the name of humankind.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Layers of Me

Just can't seem to leave the colored pencils alone! Started doodling this afternoon, then monkeyed around with the results on the computer. The title just came to me.

Valentine's Day

Last evening my husband brought me one, rather aged, long stemmed, red rose. It was presented with a flourish and appreciated appropriately. As a first drawing effort, I sketched it this morning using my brand new colored pencils. Not good, but not dreadful enough to prevent me from posting it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter Bird Tree

Here's my impression of my little tree.

Monday, February 12, 2007

"Twilight Zone" moment

In a fit of cabin fever, I decided I needed to visit a favorite crafts store, looking for inspiration. With snow accumulations expected (finally!) tomorrow, I thought how nice it would be to attempt something colorful and creative following a dreaded dental appointment in the morning. I purchased an enormous set of colored pencils remembering that I already had an ample supply of paper from previous, dismal attempts to draw. Nevertheless, hope sprang eternal! Upon returning home, I picked up a package I thought was a back-ordered DVD. When I opened the Amazon box the theme music from Rod Serling's show started playing in my head. Instead of the DVD, it was a book called "Walking in this World" by Julia Cameron who also wrote "Artist's Way." Before emptying my bags from Trader Joe's and the art store, I sat down and started reading. Nan -- you really got me with this one! So much of what Ms. Cameron wrote about I'd felt before. It was almost freaky how she nailed so much of my philosophy about life. Her book, however, gave me a plan with which to follow through, something I've been neglecting for years. Thank you just doesn't cut it, Girl! You're the best!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Musings on friendships. . .

As an early baby-boomer, a significant high school reunion is coming up this summer. It's been amazing reconnecting with long-ago friends, some from elementary school years. Coming from a then relatively small suburb north of Chicago, nearly all of us went to the same high school even though we went to different elementary and middle schools. Old photos have brought floods of memories, thankfully mostly good and many silly. I can only imagine how boys I adored back then have changed! Of course I'm probably unrecognizable now, too. I once had long, straight, blond hair and a reasonably good figure. Time has not been kind, however. Nevertheless, I have come to accept my flaws -- ample flesh, graying hair, etc. -- and I'm happy with myself. A small group of former classmates has done an phenominal job of tracking down hundreds of fellow classmates. Some have enthusiastically embraced the idea of getting together again, while others are not quite sure they want to make the effort. Could it be because they would expose themselves to old hurts and still simmering love interests? Only they know. Of course, for some of us, going entails travel and housing expenses, so I'll offer that as another excuse. The most remarkable part of this budding reunion has been reestablishing contact with friends I had long ago written off as lost forever. My family moved east, others moved overseas and more went off to colleges across the nation and in other countries and ended up settling there. For most of us, college was far more fun and interesting than high school, so we tended to focus more on those friends. The best thing that has come from all this, for me so far, is reconnecting with a friend I will call Kay. We went to middle and high school together and were practically sisters. She remembers stopping at the Woolworths for Cokes and fries on our walk home from school. This, during a time when her lovely, dark brown skin would have been problematic in other parts of the country. Living where we did, I was oblivious to racial tensions. Kay and I were buddies, period. Much to our chagrine, we learned that for many years we lived within easy driving distance of each other!! It broke my heart thinking about all the wasted opportunities to spend time together. We have since promised not to lose track of each other again. Kay suffered the horror not to mention displacements of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina and is valiantly struggling to pull herself together again in an unfamiliar city and region she doesn't even like. We talk about once a week and share laughs and sorrows. We are both blown away by how we've picked up right where we left off! It's as if no time has passed. I credit this to our soul connection. We all have them -- friends with whom we connected on a much deeper level. Time and space have made no changes in how we feel about each other. My husband, naturally is closest to my heart and soul, but in a different way than my women friends and relatives. Women ROCK!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Where's winter?!

Having been challenged by a member of the younger generation to get with it and start my own blog I decided to go ahead and accept her challenge! Guess I had nothing better to do on this very cold Wednesday evening. The sun is setting and most of the piddling little bit of snow we got last night is still hanging on. Having been a Midwesterner the first 20 years of my life, I like winter to be winter. This one has been disappointing with way too many warm days and way too few snowflakes. Still have up a tree with lights and tiny, feathered birds. Took off all the Christmasy stuff, so I'm calling it my Winter Tree. It adds warmth and color during these cold, gray days. Weather is such a feeble topic of conversation! I hope someone will give me something else to react to. How 'bout it, Nan?