Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Evening

You may have heard that D.C.'s famous Cherry Blossoms are a tad early this year.

Actually, they're incredibly early this year, but maybe that's because this is the 100th anniversary of their planting.

Most of the original trees died out years ago and were replaced, but there are still a few originals near the bridge over the Tidal basin.  They're pretty gnarly and truly look their age.

When the Japanese people gifted the trees to Washington, they were first planted in West Potomac Park, well away from other trees.  This was a precaution in case some had brought unwanted insects or diseases with them.  Some are still there, along with many younger ones planted along the drive that leads to and around Hains Point.

The picture above seemed to beg to be shot last evening.  I wish my camera could have captured how lovely the waning sunlight was, glowing through the white blossoms.

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Mark said...

My daughter was just telling me about the early blossoming of those beautiful trees. Enjoy