Monday, March 5, 2012

Almost There

Today is my 29th wedding anniversary. Not exactly a milestone -- those come in five and ten year increments. Still, it is significant because it denotes the day we legally and formally recognized what we’d known all along -- that we were made for each other.

We still marvel at how we came to each other. I moved to D.C. the summer of 1971, fresh out of college and a Chicago suburb. Spouse arrived during the summer of 1973, fresh out of the western oil fields of his native Iran. For a few years, he tended bar four blocks from where I lived, at the time and I worked about the same distance from where he lived, at the time. Both of us have tried to remember whether or not we ran into each other back then. Various dates took me to both of the places he worked, but I don’t remember ever seeing him and vice versa.

It wasn’t until he was between jobs and accepted a part-time gig where I was working that we met face to face. In truth, he was getting fed-up with life here. He missed his extensive family back in Iran and needed airfare to return home. Fate intervened in the nick of time.

When he first walked in to the elegant old mansion that housed the headquarters of the organization I worked for, he was wearing a plaid shirt, brown cords, acid green sneakers and a big grin. Though his hair was thinning, it was dark and framed his face rather nicely. My goose was cooked.

What had been a dumb waiter across from my office door had been converted into a small elevator years before. It was the type that had a normal door which opened to a brass gate, thus requiring two hands to use it. Spouse-to-be was tasked with moving file cabinets and boxes from an upper floor in the main building to an annex next door. Naturally, I helped with the elevator doors whenever the occasion/opportunity arose.

That man had and still has so much energy and drive! He isn’t a big, hunky guy. He is lithe and muscular like an athlete. Later I learned that he had been a provincial and national soccer champion in Iran. In D.C., he enjoyed occasional pick-up games with other immigrants in various parks around town.  The following was taken on stunningly perfect early Spring day on the Ellipse during such a game.   [Yes, that's the White House in the background.]

After so many years together, we sometimes ask each other where we might be if we had never met. Neither one of us can imagine such a scenario. During particularly trying times, I would imagine one or both of us thought we could do without the other. Heaven knows we’ve had to make huge adjustments and real sacrifices to accommodate each other over the years. Nevertheless, we’re in it for life.

Happy Anniversary, my love. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth it.


Nan said...

Happy anniversary AP & UB!

dcpeg said...

Thanks, Nan!

Janney said...

Happy anniversary :)