Thursday, July 25, 2013

A pumpkin walking on bread sticks.

That’s how I would describe a woman I recently saw.

I suspect that stretchy leggings are probably very comfortable - but - there are people of certain shapes who should avoid wearing them in public. I admit that I am one of those who should not [and does not] wear them.

To add to her, shall we say awkward style, she wore a too short blouse that might have looked OK from the front, but definitely not from the rear which was my viewing angle. I was embarrassed for her and quickly looked away stifling a grimace.

Very few of us look like models, but some won’t give up trying to. It pains me to see an older woman in heavy make-up, dyed hair, too short skirts or shorts, and ridiculously high heels. Admittedly, I still wear make-up but I’ve toned it way down as I’ve aged. I feel more confident wearing a little war paint.

Perhaps I may be a bit old-fashioned, too. After all, I did wear a slip, stockings, and girdle under the dresses I wore most everywhere until I was about 37. I think they have now gone the way of the whale-boned corset.

Jiggling butts and bellies, and see-through skirts are not attractive. And platform stilettos?! Please . . . Designers of women’s footwear are all masochists! [or is it femochists?] And designers of women’s head gear think we all have the same-sized heads, for pete’s sake!

I’m just reminded of some pitiful looking comb-overs on men. Some go to extremes to cover bald spots and they just look goofy. I thought that when Rudy Guiliani gave up his that others might follow suit. I wish they would. There are some very appealing balding and bald men out there who exude comfortable confidence in who they are. Now that’s sexy!

So . . . . to all the ladies and gentlemen out there: please make an honest evaluation of your appearance - from all angles. Trying to look like a 25 year old when you are 60 just makes you look foolish and undignified.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp

If you need some real chuckles, this is for you!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I do not and can not understand.

A White Man armed with a loaded pistol stalks and confronts a Black Teen armed with a bag of candy. WM doesn’t like the way the BT looks and acts. Caught off-guard and feeling put-upon, BT tells WM to mind his own business. WM and BT get pissed and start fighting. WM pulls pistol and shoots BT dead.

WM admits shooting BT.

WM is arrested, jailed and goes to court. Jury finds WM innocent of all charges. Hunh?!

Now lets reverse the roles: BM confronts WT because he doesn’t like the way he looks. A tussle ensues in which BM draws pistol and shoots WT. Can anyone believe that the outcome would the same?

Racism and prejudice still thrive in the U.S. Even though this country is composed of people from every nation on Earth. Historically, each new immigrant group has had to swim through the molasses of prejudice to embrace their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The premise that all men [humans] are created equal is deliberately ignored by those who came earlier, don’t want to compete for the American Dream and are willing to walk-over anyone who challenges them. They enjoy provoking feelings of inferiority in others. Vicious cycle.

I do not understand how Florida law can allow someone who admits to shooting someone else, particularly an unarmed stranger to get away with it and not be punished. Another life has been abruptly and brutally ended!

I can not fathom that the WM in this case was not at least charged with and found guilty of assault with a dangerous weapon, stalking, and/or interfering with law enforcement. When the WM called 911 to report that he was following a “suspicious character“, the police told him to stop, that they would handle it. But he decided he knew better.

The guy shot and killed another guy and he is judged innocent?! Unreal. . . . . ..

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's getting ugly at the Tabard Inn

During the early 1970s I worked across the street from this ancient little inn. After work, a group of us would cross the street to enjoy some Tabard hospitality. During the winter, we took over a small parlor with a big fire place. As many of us that could crowded onto a long, antique sofa across from the fireplace. Shots of Jack Daniels further warmed our cockles.

During warm weather you could find us on the back patio enjoying Singapore Slings, whiskey sours, etc. The tiny restaurant produced some great meals, too. But this was before it became a landmark and “in place to be.”

Now it appears that the Inn’s ownership is leaving many of it’s employees very unhappy or showing them the door. Sexual harassment should have subsided long ago, but it seems to be alive and thriving at the Tabard. Having had to put up with it during the 60s, 70s and into the 80s, I thought we had evolved enough to understand that it is NOT RIGHT.

To my astonishment, I read that the Tabard’s owner told one female employee who complained about an uncomfortable “touchy-feely” experience with a male employee to take his sleazy comments and actions as compliments. Can you imagine?!

Are men incapable of adapting to modern standards of decorum? Unwanted sexual advances, particularly in the work place are now forbidden by law. What will it take for men and, admittedly some women, to understand this?

There is a time and place for everything. Someone’s work environment should be free of embarrassing or uncomfortable behavior. Speaking from personal experience, the fear of being groped and/or assaulted with sexual commentary is damaging and nerve-racking.

So, to the owner of the Tabard, I say: Step into the 21st century and stop accepting and supporting the Neanderthal behavior of some of your employees. If you don’t, you will lose.