Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Good Memory

A few nights ago, Spouse and I were watching “Too Cute” on the Animal Planet channel. For those of you not familiar with it, it is a show featuring utterly adorable puppies and kittens from birth through joining new families.

When a clutch of Wiemaraner puppies came on, we simultaneously said “remember the dogs . . . .?”.

Years ago, we were driving home across the Whitehurst Freeway when we came to a broken-down car. A woman and two handsome Wiemaraners were standing close to it. It was a cold, windy day made worse by their being on a elevated highway next to the river. There was no shoulder for her to pull onto, so they were in the active roadway.

At the time, I was driving my dearly beloved Pinto station wagon, so we pulled over and offered them a lift. [This happened before cell phones, so they were really in a bind.]

The two big dogs seemed happy to jump into the back and the woman climbed into the back seat. The dogs soon lay down and the woman thanked us for stopping. She was headed for her husband’s office at 16th and K Streets, so we drove her there.

She thanked us profusely. As we drove away I believed she would have done the same for us had our roles been reversed.

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