Saturday, October 26, 2013

My sermon for a sunny Saturday.

Oh, to be so carefree and have no worries again!  I still feel like this on occasion and wish I could be four again (without having to repeat my teens.)  I wouldn't be a teen these days for love nor money!

Children are forced to grow up too quickly and lose nearly all of what should be carefree childhood.  They cannot play outdoors without worrying about being snatched.  Parents instill their little ones with fear of strangers to the point where friendly, harmless types like me feel afraid to even smile at a little child, much less strike up a conversation.

Can we ever go back to a time when children left the house early in the morning and played until they were hungry?  We didn't need fancy toys and manufactured our own adventures using our imaginations and whatever raw materials were at hand.

I fear that modern electronics and lazy/too busy parents are responsible for children missing out on their childhoods.  Cellphones, computers, television and electronic games prevent kids from developing their minds in a natural way.  Just once I'd love to watch a child pick up a stick and some leaves to create a little boat to "sail" on a puddle.  Running just because she can should be allowed without the rigid control of "helicopter parents."

I wish . . .

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beth said...

we talk about this all the time and are thrilled we raised our kids during a time where they played outside, all the time, built forts, played kick ball and we even let them play ding dong ditch :)