Monday, October 14, 2013

I am not Malala . . .

. . . and I thank my lucky stars that I am not.

Living in a country that requires education for all children and pays for it with taxes is a huge gift. Too many of us did not and still do not appreciate the ease and safety of getting an education in the U.S.

Another reason I am not Malala is that I possess none of her courage, strength or perseverance. This sixteen years old young woman has already had nearly a life time of experience and still remains a thoughtful and intelligent girl willing to put others first.

Malala Yousafzai spoke to school girls from the D.C. region during a recent event sponsored by the World Bank. During the Q&A session she was asked if she had ever wished she was a boy and what she would advise fathers of girls.

“I would tell them don’t give anything extra to your daughters, but don‘t clip their wings. Let them fly, and give them the same rights as your sons. Give them a chance to be a human being.”

Those who tried to eliminate her influence by trying to kill her instead created a martyr. This poised, gentle young lady is now an inspiration to girls and women worldwide. I hope and pray she lives a long and fulfilling life.


Janney said...

She's amazing...she's gonna be one of the greats... if she isn't one already.

Mark said...

I agree with Janney. She is so impressive. And I love the advice she gave.