Monday, September 9, 2013

Sweet Nostalgia

I felt like remembering some happier times for my parents.  Dad has been gone for 6 years now and Mom is 88 and confused most of the time.
This poofy pink dress was one Mom wore when she sang concerts in the public schools.  She had a lovely soprano voice that she freely gifted to our community through our church and our local opera company.  She had lots of fans and fan letters to prove it.  One local gentleman always gifted her with a stem of orchid blossoms following an opera performance.
Dad loved her gift of song but was sometimes a little jealous of all the men who fawned over her following performances.  There was never any reason for him to worry, though.  The two of them were totally devoted to each other and their family.
The baby grand piano was one Mom grew up with and moved with our family us several times.  My sibs and I practiced on it during years of lessons.  It was to have become mine when Mom and Dad were ready to downsize.  Sadly, living in an apartment, we couldn't accommodate it so it went to my Mom's niece.  Her two, highly musically gifted daughters have made good use of it and I think it will remain in the family for another seventy years.
The painting in the background was one Dad did in high school and now hangs with several more in my home.  He could also play the piano and on one occasion, played a four-hands piece with me for family members.  THAT was very unusual and special.

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