Monday, August 26, 2013

Oxymoron of the Day

Buddhist gangs attacked a Muslim neighborhood and torched Muslim homes during a rampage in northwestern Burma. They did this after hearing rumors that a young Buddhist woman had been sexually assaulted by a Muslim man.

Was I wrong in believing that Buddhists were some of the most peace-loving people on Earth? Granted, their country, aka Myanmar, has been wracked by violence since the military took over some years back. It’s just too sad that people who once lived in what seemed like harmony are at each others’ throats.

Sexual assault is horrendous. The rule of law, however, should be allowed to do it’s job of determining guilt or innocence. Rule of mob is never a good alternative.


Mark said...

Buddhist-Gangs? Just doesn't sound right, does it.

dcpeg said...

That's what struck me, too.