Friday, August 16, 2013

Celebrating Young Women

Having been born in the middle of the last century, I feel kinda old sometimes. My body is no longer kind to me, but my mind is, most times, still enjoying life as a 34-year-old.

When I saw pictures of a read about the McLean all-stars from about a dozen northern Virginia middle schools playing in the Little League Softball World Series I was thrust back in time. So much has happened to elevate young women from tittering, pretty little girls into strong, capable young women!

Athleticism and participation in sports were not top goals for the majority of the girls I knew in middle school. Yes, I played badminton and volleyball and failed miserably at golf and tennis. Still, I was never encouraged to get rough and tough in order to win because I was a girl. Good sportsmanship was far more important.

It makes me so proud to see members of my gender succeeding in so many more ways than were available to me when I was their age. They don’t worry about getting dirty and sweaty or sacrificing “prettiness” to win a game. Perfect make-up and hair simply cannot be considerations when one participates in sports.

Though the McLean all-stars may have lost in the World Series, they remain champions and role models for their younger sisters coming up behind them. These young women are proof that the “fairer sex” is not weak and that they are capable of great things.

I would like to hug each member of this team and reassure her that she will always be a winner when she gives her all, whether or not she wins the game.

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