Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I do not and can not understand.

A White Man armed with a loaded pistol stalks and confronts a Black Teen armed with a bag of candy. WM doesn’t like the way the BT looks and acts. Caught off-guard and feeling put-upon, BT tells WM to mind his own business. WM and BT get pissed and start fighting. WM pulls pistol and shoots BT dead.

WM admits shooting BT.

WM is arrested, jailed and goes to court. Jury finds WM innocent of all charges. Hunh?!

Now lets reverse the roles: BM confronts WT because he doesn’t like the way he looks. A tussle ensues in which BM draws pistol and shoots WT. Can anyone believe that the outcome would the same?

Racism and prejudice still thrive in the U.S. Even though this country is composed of people from every nation on Earth. Historically, each new immigrant group has had to swim through the molasses of prejudice to embrace their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The premise that all men [humans] are created equal is deliberately ignored by those who came earlier, don’t want to compete for the American Dream and are willing to walk-over anyone who challenges them. They enjoy provoking feelings of inferiority in others. Vicious cycle.

I do not understand how Florida law can allow someone who admits to shooting someone else, particularly an unarmed stranger to get away with it and not be punished. Another life has been abruptly and brutally ended!

I can not fathom that the WM in this case was not at least charged with and found guilty of assault with a dangerous weapon, stalking, and/or interfering with law enforcement. When the WM called 911 to report that he was following a “suspicious character“, the police told him to stop, that they would handle it. But he decided he knew better.

The guy shot and killed another guy and he is judged innocent?! Unreal. . . . . ..


Two Shorten the Road said...

The only thing that surprises me about the verdict is all the people indignantly stating that race had nothing to do with it. It's a very sad state of affairs.

dcpeg said...

You nailed it, Megan. I keep hoping that some day we can all "just get along."