Thursday, July 25, 2013

A pumpkin walking on bread sticks.

That’s how I would describe a woman I recently saw.

I suspect that stretchy leggings are probably very comfortable - but - there are people of certain shapes who should avoid wearing them in public. I admit that I am one of those who should not [and does not] wear them.

To add to her, shall we say awkward style, she wore a too short blouse that might have looked OK from the front, but definitely not from the rear which was my viewing angle. I was embarrassed for her and quickly looked away stifling a grimace.

Very few of us look like models, but some won’t give up trying to. It pains me to see an older woman in heavy make-up, dyed hair, too short skirts or shorts, and ridiculously high heels. Admittedly, I still wear make-up but I’ve toned it way down as I’ve aged. I feel more confident wearing a little war paint.

Perhaps I may be a bit old-fashioned, too. After all, I did wear a slip, stockings, and girdle under the dresses I wore most everywhere until I was about 37. I think they have now gone the way of the whale-boned corset.

Jiggling butts and bellies, and see-through skirts are not attractive. And platform stilettos?! Please . . . Designers of women’s footwear are all masochists! [or is it femochists?] And designers of women’s head gear think we all have the same-sized heads, for pete’s sake!

I’m just reminded of some pitiful looking comb-overs on men. Some go to extremes to cover bald spots and they just look goofy. I thought that when Rudy Guiliani gave up his that others might follow suit. I wish they would. There are some very appealing balding and bald men out there who exude comfortable confidence in who they are. Now that’s sexy!

So . . . . to all the ladies and gentlemen out there: please make an honest evaluation of your appearance - from all angles. Trying to look like a 25 year old when you are 60 just makes you look foolish and undignified.

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Janney said...

This was funny :) poor woman! we see that alot here too.