Thursday, April 18, 2013

Will they never learn?

Thugs who pull-off reprehensible deeds like detonating bombs at the Boston Marathon will never learn:

When you attack one American,
you attack every American.

It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator/s turn out to be homegrown or foreign; nothing unites Americans like an attack on innocence. For proof of this, just look back to the atrocities September 11, 2001. Yes, we all suffered, but we drew together as a nation to protect our way of life.

On April 15th, children, moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, friends and supportive strangers came out to cheer-on those participating in a grueling marathon. I’ve done it myself during Marine Corps Marathons here, in D.C. You cheer for every runner, not just your own, because they all need and deserve it.

Freedom of speech allows and empowers Americans to express their grievances. Covertly killing, maiming and terrorizing unsuspecting victims is cowardly and achieves nothing but hatred directed at those responsible.

We will grieve our losses and help those who need it any way we can. Then we will move on knowing that the American way of life works and will survive. . . .

[Even though Congress continues to refuse to put limits on the types of weapons that can be sold to the general public and with unlimited quantities of ammunition. The original Minutemen must be twirling in their graves.]

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Mark said...

Twirling minute men, now thats a sight. You are so right with this post, you attack one person, you attack all of us. Love how Boston acted during all of this, so proud of them.