Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Beautiful, isn't she?

Up close, she's not quite as beautiful.

From space it's hard to see toxic smoke billowing out of chimneys; a huge man-caused "island" of plastic bits floating in the beautiful, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean; crude oil seeping into the Gulf of Mexico and countless other places; rivers and lakes so contaminated it's dangerous to even touch the water.

Somestimes I think we humans are too smart (smug?) for our own good.  We develop weapons that can destroy huge chunks of continents and everything living there, leaving it uninhabitable for generations to come.

Developing poisons that kill almost instantly and usually torturously occupies minds that would be better used to find cures or preventatives for diseases.  Even the treatments we have to combat polio, malaria, measles and more don't get to the needy because of misguided or partisan thinking by those with superior weapons.

We humans are pretty blase when it comes to caring for our planet.  We are not yet to the point that we can simply abandon Earth when it becomes too toxic to support life and fly off to another planet.

Earth is hurting because of human abuse and neglect.  Selfish interests are destroying our people and our planet.  What good will all that hoarded wealth do when Earth can no longer support life?


Janney said...

Yep, we're pretty useless at taking care of our planet alright.
I LOVE your portrait by the way. Did you do it?

dcpeg said...

Thanks for comment. I wish I could say I drew the caricature, but a lovely man from Iraq did it. He died way too young. My family thinks he "captured" me, so I thought what the heck. . . .

Janney said...

yes... it's lovely :)