Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Looks like we dodged the bullet!

As much as I love snow, I'm kinda glad we didn't get clobbered as some had predicted we would.  Counties west of D.C. did, however get hit with some significant snow.  My part of the District (Foggy Bottom) has had hours of rain and occasional snow showers, but no accumulation.  It's amazing how just a few miles of distance can result in totally different weather.

Shutting down schools, some businesses and governments was probably a good idea since workers commute from areas that have lost electrical power and/or have trees down in inconvenient places.  Rush hour is more like traffic on a Saturday afternoon.  I hope there won't be too many bad surprises for those folks heading out of town.

But cheer up!  Any snow we got will be gone soon enough.  Our temps will be back into the 50s in a few days.

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Janney said...

Glad things weren't too bad then :) I guess you guys are looking forward to spring then...we are heading into winter...but no snow for us :)