Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Panic Time Redux in D.C.

The D.C. region is bracing for our first, named snowstorm; Saturn.  Locals have already changed it's name to Snowquester in keeping with the federal government's latest move.  The storm is supposed to hit tonight and dump anywhere from three to eight inches on us.  We shall see. . .

Living pretty much equidistant from the Atlantic Ocean and the Blue Ridge Mountains our weather is notoriously quirky.  Both can influence it, so making predictions are difficult.  At the moment, the sun is shining warmly and brightly.  There is a thin skin of clouds that barely blocks a lovely blue sky.

IF we get snow, it is expected to be wet and heavy.  There are already visible buds on the Cherry Blossom trees.  They're small enough that they should survive, but it was just announced that they should reach their peak during the last week of THIS MONTH!  Please join me in keeping fingers crossed that Snowquester will be our last big winter storm.



Janney said...

"fingers crossed" :)

dcpeg said...

Many thanks, Janney! The forecasters now say that we can expect up to a foot of snow. Yikes!