Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Human Sacrifice

It’s bad enough that D.C.’s football team has a name which, to Native Americans is equivalent to the N-word for African Americans. Now the team’s management is sacrificing a remarkable young man for the sake of winning games.

Robert Griffin III is a brilliant, dignified young man who happens to be a splendid football player. When he arrived in Washington to throngs of cheering fans, he kept his feet firmly on the ground and maintained a healthy skepticism regarding the adulation.

In short time, RGIII has become a heroic, saving grace for a mediocre football team. Not only does he know how to through a football, but he isn’t afraid to run with it when the need arises.

There are very few professional athletes who can provide the sort of role model Griffin does. His modesty, integrity, intelligence and professionalism make him unique in the world of sports heroes. I have the feeling he will not succumb to the adulation that has turned other athletes into embarrassing caricatures of themselves.

Unfortunately, he may succumb to injuries exacerbated by greedy team management. Last Sunday’s game was disastrous. I’m not talking about the fact that the team lost. I’m referring to the crippling sacrifice of one of the teams most promising players.

It wouldn’t surprise me if RGIII insisted on playing though he knew his knee wasn’t 100%. However, it is the responsibility of coaches and management to weigh the benefits of playing in a game vs. further damage to an already injured player.

I pray his injured knee can be repaired so that it will not cause him permanent problems. It would be a crying shame if it ends his football career but he has huge potential on or off the gridiron. Good luck, Robert.

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Mark said...

Being a life long Eagles fan, it takes a lot for me to swoon over and Redskin player, but I have loved RG ever since the first time I heard him speak in college. Love that guy and his game, a very dangerous weapon for sure. I too blame the coach, bad move leaving him in last week. I hope he heals quickly and resumes his awesome play next year.