Friday, September 7, 2012

Hard Questions redux

After listening to and reading the politcal banter going on, I went back to a post I wrote during the previous presidential campaigns.  As much as I admire President Obama, I can't say I'm pleased with where we, as a nation, are right now.  I blame it on the concerted obstinancy of both political parties to avoid agreeing on anything.  They can't even agree on tit-for-tat! 

Sadly, the standstill isn't quite that easy to explain because it's not all about politics.  Racism and a class system that should have died when our Constitutiuon and Bill of Rights were written still strongly influence too many Americans.  Social, racial and economic differences are more pronounced, causing bigger and bigger rifts among us.  We seem to be devising our own "divide and conquer" process.

I'm afraid not much as changed since I wrote the following in September 2008.

Do we really want two more self-proclaimed mavericks running the nation in our names? Can good sense trump experience when nothing has been learned from history? Where has all the cash been hiding while Americans go hungry and homeless? Should failed C.E.O.s of failed companies give some back? Should people with a history of "working" all the loop-holes be appointed to the SEC and IRS to help sort out and eliminate the loop-holes? Should there be a limit on Social Security benefits for the wealthiest of the wealthy? Should those who lacked opportunity, education and/or popularity receive larger benefits to help compensate for disparities in their earning power? Will the U.S.A. continue on it's path of eliminating the middle class while increasing the number of poor and consolidating the control of wealth among the few? I admit I don't know the answers. I do hope, however, that greater minds are considering these issues. They are but a few that are crucial to our return to a nation of thriving, fair, and caring people. Our reputation in the world may depend on the answers.

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