Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is it something in the water?

Tom Head is a county judge in Lubbock, Texas.  One might assume that in order to be a judge he must be intelligent, unbiased and fair.  Apparently these characteristics are not required in Lubbock.

Judge Head has announced that, if President Obama is  re-elected that the U.S. will be plunged into another civil war.  The man is convinced that the President is about to sign away American sovereignty to the United Nations.  [Huh?]

He's envisioning a second American revolution although he refers to it as another civil war.  He's preparing for when the U.N. blue helmets invade.  He also claims that he has recruited the local sheriff to back him up when he takes up arms to fight against such a catastrophe.

I find it fascinating that a man in his position could come up with such a hypothesis.  Any American fifth-grader knows that there are three distinct branches in our government, one of which is the legislative branch.  None can unilaterally decide on anything big or small without input from the other two.

Considering that so many of the current members of the United States Congress seem hell-bent on preventing President Obama from accomplishing anything at all [regardless of the consequences for the American people] Tom Head should be able to see that his fears are completely unfounded.  In fact, he needs to step down from the bench and go quietly with the men in white coats.

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