Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter on the Chesapeake

Enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner, prepared by Mom down in Solomons, Maryland.  She wisely has used our get togethers on Easter to also celebrate my youngest sister's birthday, April 6th and mine which will be this Friday, the 13th.  [yeah, yeah, yeah I know all about friggatriskaidekaphobia a.k.a. paraskevidkatriaphobia: irrational fear of the number 13.  I survived having my 13th birthday being announced to my entire middle school on Friday the 13th years ago.  I like to believe that it gave me certain super powers.]

Anyway, after dinner a three-car caravan set out to visit a worksite my brother in law and his two sons have been working on.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day to visit the Cove Point Lighthouse.  Strong winds off the water provided a refreshing, slightly fishy aroma to go along with the sweet fragrance of wisteria which is wildly in bloom right now.
This bell was rung on foggy days to warn mariners away from shallow waters.
The stairs to the top are solid wood,anchored to the brick wall and a wooden column which has a steel core.  Veeeeery narrow steps and steep.

I've tried valiently to get this pic upright but blogger simply will not cooperate! Sorry.

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Mark said...

Love those photos....great steps! And I do believe I've seen that light house.