Monday, April 16, 2012

Boys will be boys . . ....

Will men ever really, truly grow into adults? Recent behavior of men hired, vetted and trained by the U.S. Secret Service and some of their military colleagues make it appear unlikely.

Thank goodness there are far more exceptions to these guys. Otherwise the lives of our national leadership would be even more endangered than they already are by cranks and crazies.

It’s quite warm in D.C. today. I’m guessing that some of the heat is emanating from red-faced, angry, humiliated officers and agents who actually take their work seriously. Even though I am in no way affiliated with the federal government, I was terribly embarrassed when President Obama had to oh-so-publicly address the shameful behavior of some members of his advance security detail to Colombia.

Perhaps more women need to be hired for these important security jobs. Maternal instincts fit in quite nicely with a job that requires thinking of others’ safety before one’s own. That, and I cannot imagine women agents putting themselves into compromising positions like drinking and partying with sex workers.

“Mama Grizzlies” has been overworked, but it is an apt description of the ferocity a woman (whether or not a mother) feels when confronting anyone harming a child or weak adult. What we might lack in brute strength we more than make up for in intelligence, intuition and integrity. Am I wrong?

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