Sunday, January 8, 2012

Calm After the Calm(?)

Here's part of the sunrise that followed last evenings lovely sunset. [The tiny, dark blip between the bare tree branches to the left is the statue on top of the Capitol.] Of course, the big obelisk is the Washington Monument.
It was an unusually quiet evening and night and the Old Naval Observatory across the street was nearly invisible in total darkness. Then I noticed that I didn't hear any planes flying into or out of National. Strange.
I wondered if it had anything to do with what Spouse learned from chatting with airline pilots at Gravelly Point (a pubic park close to the north end of the main runway). Pilots use the telescope dome on the observatory as a landmark when they're heading down the Potomac, into the airport.
Usually the American Flag is lit at night and soft globe lights circle a lawn in front of the building. Security lights add a glare, but overall, it's a pretty sight at night.
There was nothing in this morning's newpaper about a blackout either there or at the airport, so maybe my imagination got the best of me. Sometime during the night power was restored and all seems to be well with the world -- again.

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