Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Evening Stroll

Last evening I took a short, solitary stroll to get some fresh air and fresh perspective. Spouse was still at work, but it would be well past dark before he came home.
Of a dozen pictures I took at the FDR Memorial, this is the only one that came out clearly. It's a bronze version of FDR's pet Fala.
The numerous, artfully designed waterfalls have always been a favorite for many. It reached the point where busloads of daycare kiddies had to be banned from wading in them. Adults (me included) have been known to wade in them on a hot summer's night.
Braille and three dimensional carvings fascinate. The lighting at night brings out peculiar effects in many of them. Some concave carvings appear to be convex and vice versa. Millions of hands have left evidence of touching. My last stop was Capitol Hill. I've always thought Congress's Christmas Tree was prettier than the National Tree on the Ellipse. Drivers are not allowed anywhere near The Hill so I shot this from a block away while freezing off my buttons. I kinda like the squiggly effect. Or maybe that's just an excuse for a poor picture. . . . ;-)

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Janney said...

What beautiful monuments.