Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yesterday I asked What Gives? . . . today I found out.

The ground gave during a 5.9 earthquake centered 80 miles southwest of the District. I had just returned home from taking an elderly friend to the grocery store. What, at first felt like a very heavy truck driving by quickly became intense shaking.

My first thought was that some terrible structural problem was going to bring down our high rise apartment building. I heard things falling but didn't bother looking for them and went to the metal door frame of our bathroom.

Having never experienced an actual earthquake I started quaking. Grabbing my purse, I headed down the hall to collect a neighbor and took the stairs to get outside. Stuttering and knees quaking, I asked some college students with cellphones what they were hearing. That's when I heard it was an actual earthquake in Virginia.

It's been about one and a half hours since we rumbled and I'm somewhat anxious about after shocks, but since there's nothing I can do about it, I'm ready to evacuate again, if need be.

However, I can't get a troubling memory out of my mind. When the plane hit the Pentagon a few miles from us on September 11 the sensation felt very similar.


Mark said...

Wasn't that nuts? I'm sure you felt it more than we did, but we sure did, up here in PA. Funny though, I was anxious to talk to my daughter who was traveling between Richman VA and Charlottsville on business, she said she didnt feel a thing. Strange.

dcpeg said...

Yeah - it was really freaky! A workman in front of our building didn't feel it either but couldn't figure out why his truck was rocking. He was standing on mulch and only felt it when he stepped onto pavement. To me it felt like standing on a boat, rolling through the wake of a bigger boat.