Sunday, June 12, 2011


What philandering, stupid male humans need is not therapy, but to grow up. I won't call them men because that implies a certain level of maturity. Guys like Anthony, Arnold, John and way too many more are simply hormonal boys in grown-up bodies.

I'm so tired of people "taking full responsibility" and "seeking therapy" when what they need is a swift kick in the butt and training on what it means to be an adult.

If people aren't smart enough to recognize their own shameful and/or stupid behavior, they should not be in positions of responsibility or leadership. Sadly, it seems that the more powerful and/or wealthy some become, the less maturity they exhibit.

Anthony Weiner needs to kiss his wife's feet everyday for the rest of his life -- if she's willing to stay with him. Before that, he needs to conserve the miniscule bit of dignity he has left and resign from Congress. Enough already!


Mark said...

You were reading my mind today. I was actually going to post about that idiot today, but when the "Big Three" in Miami lost the NBA championship tonight, I got side tracked. But I agree with you, whole heartedly.

dcpeg said...

Sorry about the "Big Three." I don't follow the NBA but understand your pain.

Thanks for agreeing with my opinion! It's a sad day when guys who are held to such high esteem completely blow it by showing their true colors!