Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On my soap box, again . . .

Wealth can turn otherwise reasonably intelligent people - men in this case - into blathering, blustering idiots. I've nicknamed the two gents of whom I speak The Dumpling and IMFunky.

At the very least, The Dumpling recognizes when he's gone overboard on his self-aggrandizing ego trips. IMFunky may never wise-up. Both are accustomed to being admired, feared, envied, and responsible for embarrassing and disgusting those around them. Being able to buy their way out of trouble requires lawyers on retainers; probably considered a legitimate business expense.

Wisdom doesn't come easily and must be sought. IMFunky seems not at all interested in wisdom, even as he considered running for president of his home country. Claiming to be a socialist, his latest escapade found him in a $3000 per night NYC hotel suite. Then, moments before his flight was to take-off, police removed him from a first class airline seat, hand-cuffed and hauled him off to court.

He had to have been one pissed-off guy at that point. Not only had the hotel maid he tried to seduce not cooperated, he left his cellphone in the suite and had to hightail it to the airport to ditch the U.S. when he realized he might be in trouble.

I can just picture him buckled into his leather, first class seat, smugly breathing a sigh of relief, perhaps sipping a glass of wine. I'd give two bucks to have seen his face when the cops boarded and arrested him!

The Dumpling has every right to spend his money however he pleases -- it's his. On the other hand, IMFunky is a disgrace to the organization he lead whose mission is to aid developing countries. Granted, his NYC stay was personal, but I would wager that official, business travel is no less luxurious. I think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be better spent on digging wells so poor villagers could have a source of clean water or providing mosquito netting to slow down the spread of malaria.

Shame is a useful deterrent parents use to try to keep their kids on the straight and narrow. I feel that it has become so politically incorrect and "damaging to the psyche" that many no longer recognize behavior that would earn shame. Anything goes.

I'm glad The Dumpling has dropped out of a race he never intended trying to win. I hope not to see his hair face again for a long time.

As for IMFunky, I will try to avoid seeing his dour face though it will be everywhere for the foreseeable future. It's his anger at getting caught with someone he probably considered just another female body that really sets me off. I hope he fries!

I will be cheering on his victim who, by the way, has more courage than both these guys combined!

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