Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning Surprises

I've got a pretty severe case of Spring Fever today. I'm thinking it's about time, but winter this year really wasn't all THAT bad . . . ? Two forsythia bushes across the way are waving lovely arms of bright yellow. Buds on flowering trees are about ready to burst and some already have.
As so often happens, particularly to females, I felt a gut-need to start cleaning out my nest. In the process, I gave my paper shredder quite a work-out.
I'm ashamed to admit I had years worth of receipts, magazine articles, newspaper clippings and stuff I now cannot imagine why I kept. From the accumulation of dust, I could tell they were already years old and not once looked at.
Among the junk I found little treasure. They are postcards from my Dad's mother's collection. When she was a girl, the hot thing to do was have pictures made of each other, printed on post cards which they then mailed to each other for mere pennies. Those that were actually mailed and received were addressed simply with the name of the recipient, the name of their town and the state. No street address! I guess small-town Iowa in the early 20th century didn't require that.
I wish someone had thought to write the date or at least name(s) of those in the pictures, but most remain a mystery. Still, I can see family resemblances in many of them. The first reflects a sense of humor I hope I inherited. In the second, the sitters look so morose! I know it wasn't the fashion to smile in early photographs, but really. . .!
Note the man in the background -- naked or in long underwear?
Someone covered him up with pencil;
then someone else [no, not me] erased the markings.
Oh my!
These folks I believe are members of my Dad's family.
Nope, there's no Irish in 'em.
Straight Norwegian!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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