Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Henry's Sisters"

If Cathy Lamb's novel is ever made into a movie, I will not go to see it. Please allow me to explain.
The story is about three completely different grown women, sisters in their 30s. The youngest child in the family, Henry, has the mental capacity of a five year old and is all about pure love and devotion. He is adored by all. Their mother is a psychotic mess with the temper of a troll. But, that changes later in the book when a key person reappears in the lives of these five, very different and traumatized people.
A movie theater is not where I'd watch a film of this novel -- I'd be a snivelling, mascara-streaked wretch by the time it was over. The emotions run deep and fast so I'd need the comfort of watching it on a DVD in my own living room -- with a box of tissues at hand. Truthfully, I don't remember EVER crying so much over a book!
Cathy Lamb created such realistic characters that many will relate to them. Family dynamics often are puzzling and they certainly are in this novel. By the end though, the painful history for this family is sorted out and healing begins in earnest.
I am the oldest of three sisters in my family and we, too are totally different women. Thankfully, neither of my sisters are as screwed up as are the characters in this story. We fought as all siblings do -- pecking order nonsense. I am grateful that my evil big sister acts have been largely forgiven. Having said that, I'm not positive our two brothers have recovered from having three, strong-willed sisters.
"Henry's Sisters" will remain in my permanent collection for when I need a reminder of how lucky I am.

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