Monday, February 14, 2011

Still Crazy About Each Other

My sister Patty painted this from our first anniversary photo portrait, taken in 1984. Her version is much prettier than the actual photo. Thanks, again Patty! Mother Nature did a nice job on the roses, too. Happy St. Valentine's Day! Remember: it's not the stuff you get today but the love you get and give every day that makes the world go 'round.


Janney said...

That's lovely!

Mark said...

That's a great painting, your sister is very talented. Glad to see another couple together after many years. We are a small club. I was married in 81. Happy belated Valentines Day

dcpeg said...

Thank you, Mark. I'm the only member of my family who cannot draw or paint -- darn! My older brother is a fantastic caricaturist.

Congrats on your happy marriage, too! It ain't always easy, but it's worth it, eh?