Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Time to Grow Up, Danny

True confession one: I am not a huge football fan, much less a rabid Redskins follower. The name of the team is an embarrassment, and the team's owner is just plain out of his league. There are many reasons to dislike Dan Snyder. His removal of mature trees to improve the river view from his monstrous Maryland estate was the beginning for me. It was not only illegal (he's a lawyer, by the way) but did long term damage to the ecology of the region. His actions seemed to say "I don't care about erosion or where eagles, woodpeckers, squirrels, raccoons and other critters live. I want a water view and I'll have it, dammit!" As I've already admitted, I really couldn't care less if the Skins win or lose. What I do care about is financial incentives given to team owners to keep them and their teams where they are. I also care that the ridiculous salaries paid to players are paid by the fans. You can be sure that owners don't lose any of their wealth to pay these guys -- they simply raise prices for everything from seats to parking to concessions and licensing deals. If the Skin's go to the super bowl, more bucks for everyone. If they don't, no sweat off the owner's back; he still gets his bucks. True confession two: I am a huge fan of Gene Weingarten in the Washington Post. His smart-ass commentaries appeal to my smart-ass mind and I have yet to disagree with him. Reading his op-ed in today's paper had me laughing outloud and, if he'd been here, I'd have given him several high-fives. Judge for yourself by reading Gene Weingarten - Memo to Dan Snyder: Thank you for your stewardship of the Redskins.

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