Monday, November 22, 2010


Today fighter jets were scrambled to protect the nation's capital and part of the White House was evacuated. Seems a small plane entered the restricted airspace that covers hundreds of miles surrounding D.C. I can picture the face on the pilot of that little plane as he/she was suddenly surrounded by armed fighter jets. Hyperventilating and sweating might have made it very hard to control his plane as he was ordered to land at a small airport in Virginia. He is, right now, being interviewed. This happens more often than most of us notice, especially around holidays. People tend to forget or not be aware of the strict guidelines for flying anywhere near the District. Commercial planes, such as the passenger jet pictured above, have transponders to automatically identify themselves. Since National Aiport is minutes away from the White House, that's a good thing. So, to the poor schnook who got caught, welcome to Washington! Hope the rest of your visit is less eventful.


Mark said...

Can you imagine? Look out the window at fighter jets...jeez.
I recently had a stop in National airport I guess it was, and I was shocked looking out the window to see how close we were to the Capitol.
Love the photo too, have a great Thanksgiving.

dcpeg said...

Thanks for your nice words. It IS shocking how close the airport is to the city. The only reason it hasn't been closed is because members of Congress like the convenience of it. They even have their own parking lot there.

Hope you're home to enjoy Thanksgiving with all your "girls."