Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Big Day in a Little City

Many thousands of peaceful people gathered on the east end of the National Mall today for an unusual event.
More often than not, rallies are held in D.C. to complain about something or other. This one, hosted by TV political comics Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, was instead lighthearted and inclusive. There were a few semi-serious moments, that gently tweaked political polemics.
Despite an unfortunate accident on a Metro escalator, the rally went smoothly although traffic heading out of town was clogged for quite a while. At least the drivers and their passengers had something beautiful to look at.


Mark said...

Beautiful photo, and my daughter was there at the rally and kept checking in to keep me posted.
I love DC

dcpeg said...

Thank you, Mark. One of my former classmates drove all the way from northern Illinois just to be at the event! I love DC, too!