Friday, August 20, 2010

So What If He Was Muslim?

The current President of the United States has stated clearly and unambiguously that he is a Christian. I, for one, think he should not even need to discuss his faith. It is a private, personal matter and irrelevant to his position. It is shameful that he has been forced to respond to blatant discriminatory questions and accusations. When John F. Kennedy announced his run for President there was an equally hideous show of prejudice and fear over his affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church. If elected, he would become the first Catholic president. Some Americans feared that he would force his beliefs on the rest of us or favor his faith over others. It was a huge deal that ended up totally and utterly moot. The day after he was elected, the Earth continued to rotate on its axis and day followed night. Barack Hussein Obama has amply proved that he is a man of intelligence and integrity [not to mention patience] regardless of whatever religious box others want place him. His father may have been Muslim, but the President was raised by his Christian mother and grandparents and followed their example. Religious tolerance is a precious tenet among American liberties. It is not open to discussion, particularly one of a political nature. In other words, a person's religious affiliation or lack of one is irrelevant to anyone else but that person. A man should be judged on his actions, not on suspicions or here say. Our president has proved time and time again that he is someone quite worthy of admiration and support, not vilification.


Mark said...

I totally agree. What business is it to anyone.
If he were a white republican with that me, nothing would be said.
It's just one more thing for the haters to hate on.

dcpeg said...

I get so angry with all the snide remarks about his faith. It truly is no one else's business. I would feel so insulted and intruded upon in his shoes. Besides, whatever happened to separation of church and state?!

Alex said...

The same folks who are claiming he is Muslim are the ones who were up in arms about Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his Christian pastor... and yet they don't see the contradiction. The people talking about this stuff are not the sharpest tools in the shed, to say the least.

dcpeg said...

Thanks for your reminder, Alex. It seems that nothing our president does will make conservatives accept him, much less support him. It's shameful!