Friday, June 18, 2010


Spouse is working tonight and I'm sitting here wondering if I can sleep without him. Not so much . . . Anyway, in an effort to entertain myself I turned to my trusty PC and started diddling with a picture Spouse took of me last weekend. I'm not one who likes having her picture taken, so this a rare exception. I get a kick out of tweeking pictures with the Microsoft Picture It program that came installed on my PC. [I'm too tight to buy one of the costly, cool programs.] When the picture reached this point, I thought it had a distinctly Picasso-esque-ness to it. It's also kinda creepy looking -- WAY COOL! BTW --the turquiose blob on the end of my nose is not a giant zit! I think it was a shiny spot that ended up taking that color. Y'know, I could have erased that, but it would have been dishonest. The title for this post is something a former boyfriend said about me. He thought I was a kaleidoscope because, in my youth, I was a little crazy-fun. I loved that he thought of me that way! Hope y'all have a great weekend and, please -- don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful . . . ;-}

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