Thursday, June 24, 2010

It Could Be Worse

The temperature outside is in the high nineties and what I call the misery index is considerably higher than that. As if that wasn't enough, the air quality has been poor for several days. It's too early in the summer for the cold tap water to be as warm as bath water, but it is. And what should be cooling breezes are more like siroccos rolling off of the Sahara. Being happily sequestered in our air conditioned apartment, I started thinking about summer in D.C. during my parents' generation. During the build-up to and the actual U.S. engagement in WWII thousands of office workers migrated to D.C. and it's surrounds. They were crowded into small and un-cooled office space. Paper weights, now quaint reminders of bygone days, were a necessity against electric fans that were a nuisance and mostly impotent against the heat. Perfume was useless against body odor once it was sweated-off. I cannot imagine trying to handle paper and carbon paper with sweaty hands. Heading home after such a stressful day just continued the agony. Buses and street cars were not air conditioned and few houses or apartments were either. Some movie theaters installed coolers. It must have felt heavenly to sit in a cool, darkened room enjoying a get-away from real life and the heat. How office workers during the days before air conditioning were able to think straight and actually accomplish any kind of work is beyond my imagination. There must have been alot of frustrated, grouchy people walking our streets. This picture has been my PC's wallpaper since it got stinkin' hot. My sister, Patty took it a few months ago. Her husband, Tom and the family dog, Tucker took a breather from shoveling and cavorting [respectively] to watch the plows come through yet again to fill the end of everyone's driveway. As much as I like the changing seasons, I wish Spring and Autumn lasted much longer. I must remember to be grateful for a roof over my head, heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. Each season comes with good and bad points over which we have absolutely no control. I guess that's a good thing. HAPPY SUMMER!!


Mark said...

Your so right about the heat. 97 today in Philly. Love the pic. I remember thinking while shoveling this past winter, can't wait for summer.
Spring definitely isn't long enough.

dcpeg said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mark. I think we all got a little boggled by this past winter. I just hope we get a break from this heat before too much longer. The trees look like they're really stressed!