Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers' Day 2010

Fathers' Day is bittersweet since my Dad died in 2007. There is virtually no photographic documentation of his childhood with his dad. I can only imagine how this adorable little guy made his parents feel. He had an older brother and later on a sister joined his small family. He then became the middle child. I never had the nerve to ask him if that position bothered him. He was reluctant to discuss personal stuff life that. Looking at his baby picture, I can sense that he was a quiet child and went out of his way not to make trouble for his parents. Too bad none of his own children were like that! We were challenging to say the least. Sibling rivalry ran rampant til we got considerably older. A little of the "pecking order" still exists, but it's all in fun now. Dad adored his grandchildren. Some were a little put-off by his cool, rather formal demeanor and droll sense of humor. Now that they've grown up, I hope they realize he would have given his life to save any one of them. Today, I wish I could cuddle this little guy, ruffle his perfectly combed hair and make him giggle. Sentimental tears still sting my eyes, but I'm also smiling.

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Mark said...

Great picture. Isn't it interesting that his generation wasn't big on "sharing." My Dad was the same way.
The fond memories are great to have.