Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fame -- who needs it?

Though it is absolutely none of my business, I felt compelled to comment on the separation of the Gores. My first reaction was sadness that any family has to go through such a thing. My second was hoping that they would be protected from public scrutiny and comment. Of course that is unlikely in this day of instant news. Again, no one asked for my take on their decision, but I do have an opinion and then I'm finished commenting on them. Both Gores are honorable, decent people who fell in love and did the natural thing: they got married and started a family. I think the disconnect started when Mr. Gore decided to run for public office. I don't think that was something Mrs. Gore had bargained for. The constant attention and traditional role of a political wife may have been the very last way she would have chosen to live her life. I, for one, have never had a desire to attain fame, notoriety or celebrity. Anonymity and privacy are among the things I cherish most in my life. No amount of money could make up for the loss of either of them. Frankly, I cannot understand why anyone wants to be famous. Part of my job at one time was to liaise with an organization started by a former movie/TV star. His program was and remains worthy of support. However, meeting with the founder in person was always off-putting. One incident that stands out was a meeting scheduled in the restaurant at the Hay-Adams hotel. The local rep. of the organization was late leaving me to entertain Mr. TV. I don't exactly have the gift for gab, but I made a valiant effort to engage him in conversation about his organization. The entire time, his eyes roamed around the crowded room. I took turns wondering if he didn't want to be seen alone with me, or if he was looking for recognition. I was relieved when the local guy showed up. But then they ended up talking to each other, leaving me out of the conversation. That was so typical in those days. I hated it when I asked a man a question and he answered it to my date! It's as if women were superfluous and merely decoration. Tipper Gore may well have been subjected to years of such dreadful behavior during her marriage. Political wives have long been the butt of nasty jokes and innuendo. Honestly, I'm surprised that she could put up with it as long as she did! Once all the commotion dies down, I hope she can live the rest of her life as she wishes and without intrusions from strangers like me or anyone else. I wish them both good luck and a speedy resolution.

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