Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a Difference Five Years Makes -- or -- Be Careful What You Brag About

Couldn't fall asleep last night, so I dragged myself out of bed and headed for a stash of Reader's Digest magazines ona shelf under the coffee table. Novels can be too stimulating, so short, uplifting stories are a better choice for sleepless nights. Being late, I had to stifle laughing outloud when I read some "Quotable Quotes" from the June 2005 issue.
~ ~ ~
2005: Tiger Woods -- "Life isn't all golf." 2010: Well, I guess there's no question about that now, is there? The previously impeccable Mr. Woods unintentionally exposed a raunchy side when several extra-marital affairs were revealed. His wife kicked him out and his golf game may never recover.
~ ~ ~
2005: Susan Sarandon -- "I'm certainly not an expert, but Tim [Robbins] and I just celebrated 17 years together, which in Hollywood years I think is 45." 2010: There will be no golden anniversary for those two. Susan and Tim split rather suddenly recently and don't want to talk about it.
~ ~ ~
2005: Mel Gibson -- "I figure somewhere between kid number one and number seven, I must have learned a few things." 2010: Hmmm -- maybe not. Apparently, Mr. Gibson didn't learn to keep his pants zipped around women other than his wife. He abandoned his family to shack-up with his pregnant girlfriend then, after she delivered his eighth child, he split again.


Two Shorten the Road said...

Ha! Good ones.

Mark said...

That's funny stuff. How true, what a difference 5 yrs makes.