Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Day With My Mom

Went down to visit Mom in Solomons yesterday. These are some of her "wild roses" growing on the east side of her cottage. They smell divine and grow in great profusion.
A nasty bout of bronchitis for the past week was making her feel downright bent out of shape. She never gets sick, so when she does, I think her body is reminding her how good she usually has it. But it also seems to neglect telling her she needs to rest if she wants to get better.
When she phoned me on Monday to see if I could come down to help her a bit, she sounded like a heavy-smokin' trucker havin' a bad day! Mom had a beautiful soprano singer's voice and a pleasing speaking voice, so hearing her basso croaking, punctuated by painful-sounding coughs was a shock.
Still, we made the most of a beautiful, sun-shiny day. She took me to the C D Cafe, a tiny little place with spectacular food and great views of the river and high arching Johnson Bridge. Then we hit the local grocery store for soup, juice and more to refill her larder.
When we got back to her cottage, she hit the wall. Exhaustion slapped her upside the head and she finally realized she'd tried to do too much.
I'd been surprised about the lunch plans and had been prepared to shop for her from her list. But nooooo . . . Mom is one of those women who simply cannot slow down, until she's shot-down. She gets stir-crazy sitting around and hates being limited by illness. We optomists can be so stupid at times like these!
When I talked with her this morning, she had decided to skip what she'd planned for the day and just hole-up. Good idea!! Now if she'll just keep eating and drinking water til her eyeballs float, she should start feeling better. [fingers crossed!]

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