Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday NOT in the Park

When the cherry blossoms come out, we stay in. Normally. Yesterday was Easter and it was also the day Mom decided to celebrate that holy day AND my sister Janet's and my birthdays, within a week of each other in April. Great idea except . . . Spouse and I allowed 1 1/2 hours to drive the 64 miles to Mom's down in Solomons. It usually doesn't take that long, but we knew we'd have to skirt the Tidal Basin area. Normally, we leave Foggy Bottom heading east on Constitution Ave., take the turn onto 17th, circle the Basin and head to Maine Avenue to S. Cap. and the Douglass Bridge. Constitution really dragged, but as soon as we turned south onto 7th Street, it became pretty much clear sailing except for a few slooooow Sunday drivers. Eventually, we made it onto Suitland Parkway, then route 4 and sailed on down arriving at Mom's two hours after we left home. Thankfully, Janet's clan was running late because of an extra long church service. As a special decoration, Alex brought his family's Easter Tree. Didn't know Easter had it's own tree, but what the heck. It took a little while and some guidance from Spouse, but Alex did a fine job of decorating it. After a tasty meal, Janet and I opened our gifts and enjoyed the birthday cake Mom provided. Then it was time for Spouse and me to head back up the road. Perhaps it was all the sugar in the cake and handmade candies Janet shared with us -- I lost my head. Rather than again give the Tidal Basin area a wide berth, I innocently drove across Maine Avenue to the turn-off around the Basin. BIG MISTAKE!! Hordes of people pushing bikes and strollers or just ambling along crossed the street when we should have been driving through the intersection. Didn't seem to bother them that they were walking against the light, but it sure bothered us drivers. As a possible route of escape, I turned to go up 15th street which crosses the Mall. Yup -- you guessed it -- the same kind of oblivious jaywalking behavior there, too. Now I realize that all these tourists are probably spending some serious bucks here in D.C., but I really don't want to knock one down with my car! Spend your money AND please obey the laws, OK? We want you and your money to come back again! Rather than just brooding about the crippled traffic like Spouse was (vocally) I opened the sunroof, pulled out my little Canon Power Shot and clicked a couple of picks along 15th. The first is a frieze on the Dept. of Commerce right at 15th between Constitution and Penn. The second is a bit of the handsome old building owned by the Folger, Nolan . . . law firm. FYI: the blossoming tree is from the road into Mom's community.


Two Shorten the Road said...

Too funny -- I wonder how many other locals stuck in traffic are making the best of it by enjoying the scenery. :)

dcpeg said...

Thanks for your comment, Megan! To be honest, I didn't see that many D.C. tags -- more were from Virginia, Maryland and out of state.

Long ago, I decided that when I was delayed for whatever reason, that I'd just tell myself "I'll get there when I get there" and stop worrying about it.

I noticed you had a turn around the Basin not long ago. The trees ARE pretty, aren't they? Just cannot handle the growing crowds anymore.

Nan said...

Great snaps! Way to make lemons into lemonade :-D

Two Shorten the Road said...

I'm a local, but I still would have been one of those Virginia plates. :) I agree that the best tact in those situations is to just relax -- nothing we can do about it anyway.