Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hanging Out in My Bathroom

No, it's not what you're thinking. Our bathroom is the only room in our apartment with a source of heat we can control, aside from the kitchen and it's oxygen consuming gas oven. Don't take me wrong -- I LOVE my gas stove, but it is dangerous to use it as a heat source. Ever since the whiners and shakers convinced management to turn off the heat and turn on the cooling, I've wanted to hit each of them upside the head with my cold, blue hand! Three hot days was too much for some to handle, so they complained. Of course, as soon as they did, the weather changed and has not hit 70 since then. At night, temps dip down into the forties. Thank goodness for our fluffy, warm comforter. There's a perhaps not widely known saying about Washington weather -- "if you don't like the weather now, wait 24 hours." I wish someone had been thinking of that before they decided to turn off the heat. Normally, I'm the last to complain about the cold. However, when there is no escape from it 24/7 except by crawling into bed or spending unproductive time in the bathroom, I cease being a happy camper. It's hard to read a book all comfy in your favorite chair, wrapped in layers of manmade fleece! Turning pages with numb hands . . . well, you get the picture.


Mark said...

I too would be using my blue hand to inflict some damage on someone. Sorry to hear, hopefully it will warm up soon. Hey, was in DC for the cherry blossom 10 mile run, my daughter ran, me and my wife watched. It was a perfect weather day.Maybe tomorrow. Good luck

dcpeg said...

Thanks for your sympathy. Being cold ALL THE TIME is like being in pain ALL THE TIME -- frustrating!

Hope you got to see some blossoms. They popped pretty early this year.

Spouse used to run in the Cherry Blossom Chaser 10K in support of my Red Cross chapter. It has changed since then, but is still worth the effort. Hope your daughter came through without any problems and had fun doing it.