Saturday, April 10, 2010

Come on PETA -- get REAL!

I've tried to view PETA's mission as noble and righteous. I agree that animals should be treated ethically and humanely, but a recent statement from PETA "cooked their goose" in my mind. A guy who deliberately and coldly murdered a young woman sitting on her porch eating a burger supposedly did so, according to PETA, because he loves meat. Now I ask you . . . .??? This guy happened to walk by as she was enjoying a burger her mom had just made for her and decided he wanted one too. Didn't know the residents but demanded one anyway. Naturally, he was denied and left. A few minutes later he returned with a gun and, in a barrage of bullets, shot the young woman dead and wounded her mom -- all because they didn't give him a burger. I don't care if they called him nasty names or dissed him -- his actions were off the wall. Is PETA saying that liking meat makes people crazy-dangerous? If that was so, we'd all be in serious trouble. According to their theory, just walking by a fast food joint could drive someone into a carnivorous rage, compelling him to grab a gun to shoot someone. I respect vegetarians and vegans and never would say anything against their diet choices. To each his own. I don't eat a lot of meat myself, but I have a right to choose how I nourish my body. PETA's statement was offensive, idiotic and outright disgusting. Shame on them!


Alex said...

PETA also euthanizes animals, which is a pretty disturbing definition of "ethical treatment."

dcpeg said...

I didn't know that, Alex. I'm starting to think PETA is just out there for the fame and money to be had.