Thursday, March 25, 2010

Was it something in the tea bags?

There's a new, frightening permutation of the rabies virus going around the United States. A massive outbreak appeared in D.C. during the past couple of weeks. Unlike the virus that attacks dogs, raccoons, cats and other mammals, this virus is attacking Republicans almost exclusively. Recent stories of someone spitting at a member of Congress seem to confirm the foaming-at-the-mouth symptom. As the virus takes hold in a person's brain, it is causing foul thoughts and deeds. Persons who otherwise would not utter the n-word or even dream of insulting a gay person are spewing hateful things left and right. Offices of non-Republican members of Congress have been vandalized and threats have been made against themselves and their families. This disgusting behavior can only be blamed on this new, noxious virus. Thankfully, most Democrats seem to be immune to it -- at least so far. Members of Congress have always disagreed on particular issues. It is expected of them. Healthy debate usually smooths the political waters. The behavior we've seen from Republican members of late is completely out of character and lacks the dignity and decorum expected of all members of Congress. Republican Rabies is spreading rapidly and there seems to be no cure in sight. Should I be scared? Maybe it was something in the tea bags . . .??


Mark said...

As you would guess, I totally agree. What the hell is going on?
I really wish they would stop making these short term political decisions and look long term.
They remind me of a bunch a schoolkids not getting their way.

dcpeg said...

These people actually scare me. They are so rabid in their belief that that they are right and everyone else is wrong; how can there be a meeting of minds?

This sorta stuff feeds right into the even scarier "Christian Militia" movement. They are just sick!! Sad thing is, this is nothing new.