Monday, March 22, 2010

A pound is no longer a pound

Spouse and I bought some gorgeous and scrumptious fresh strawberries at Trader Joe's on Saturday. Later, when we stopped in to Shoppers Food for a few groceries we forgot, I saw a display of pound cakes. Naturally my mind started humming: "yum . . . strawberries and pound cake -- excellent combination." During my youth, strawberry shortcake was homemade, sweetened biscuits, strawberries and whipped cream. I was feeling too languid (sounds so much more genteel than lazy) to think about baking on such a warm day. There must have been 100 neatly stacked boxes, so I grabbed one. Expecting some heft I practially flung it over of my head when I picked it up! If I'm not totally off my rocker, pound cake is usually pretty heavy. It's supposed to be made with a pound each of butter, sugar and flour with some eggs thrown in to hold it all together. I was expecting a pound of pound cake, not 5/8th of a pound of pound cake! Manufacturers are still trying to fool us into paying the same or more for smaller quantities by packaging less in the same sized packaging. For example, rather than corn meal coming in a full 16 ounce package, we now get 13.5 ounces -- same price! Others try to fool us by using metric measures -- it works on me cuz I never quite got a grip on metrics . . . *sigh* Still, I know a pound is 16 ounces (283.5 grams, if you will), so what's the deal?


Mark said...

I hear you loud and clear. How about when you open what feels like a full bag of potato chips (because its full of air) and you see a bag 1/3 full.
It's just not right.

dcpeg said...

Chips have always been a problem. I know they need a certain amount of "padding" that air gives them, but I cannot believe they need as much as they get!