Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I accept your challenge, Mark!

My blog-buddy, Mark of, Mark's rants and raves challenged me to open the first album of photos on my computer and post the tenth picture. Mark is a gifted photographer who also happens to be in the Merchant Marines. I was relieved that the required photo turned out to be this one. Alex is my youngest sister Janet's younger son. He is now a rambunctious nearly 9 year old. I took this photo on Christmas day when he was three. Even at this young age, he knew how to pose for the camera! The first three months of his life were hellish. He spent them in Children's Hospital where doctors dealt with several genetic anomalies. Thankfully, he doesn't remember any of that, but all the adults in his life do. One of his doctors thought he would never walk - HA!! He had physical and occupational therapy which helped him to crawl then walk. The O.T. was necessary because he was fed through a feeding tube inserted through his side into his stomach. He had to learn to suck, eat and drink. If it wasn't for his eye glasses and hearing aids, most would have no idea of his physical challenges! He's incredibly smart, creative, stubborn and curious. His older brother, Zach, his parents and grandparents all contributed to the extraordinary boy he is today. He is one special little dude to his adoring Auntie Peg.


Mark said...

what a cutie

Two Shorten the Road said...

Such a cutiepie! Love that smile. I'm so glad he made it through his early challenges with flying colors.

dcpeg said...

Thanks you guys! Alex truly is a gift!