Friday, March 19, 2010

Beware: I'm ranting again

There are places in this world where men are expected not to exercise self-control. Because these males are so utterly incapable of controlling their libidos girls have their genitals scraped and stitched almost closed in an attempt to maintain purity. In some cultures if a female loses her virginity, often as a result of rape, she becomes unmarriageable at least and ostracized or killed at worst. The so called "honor killing" of such a victim is required to remove the dishonor brought upon her family. The rapist might get a slap on the hand while his victim is blamed for inciting the attack. Being raped is terrifying and humiliating. To actually be blamed for it would be unbearable. Could it be that death becomes a welcome escape from such twisted thinking? I cannot figure out how this mindset came to be. Humans are all born with brains and sexual organs. When and how did it become OK for one gender to completely overrule the other? Archaic religious doctrines can explain some of it. Males are physically stronger than females, but intellectually they are quite different. How then have women come to embrace as tradition what I recently read about? In a misguided attempt to control young pregnancies, breast ironing remains popular. Yes, it is as barbaric as it sounds. Girls who develop breasts at an early age are forced to have hot irons applied their chests in an attempt to stop the growth of their breasts. This is considered necessary because of the belief that just the sight of breasts arouses boys and men. Though it's mostly true, I cannot understand how women can continue to buy into torturing girls in an attempt to protect them. Though sex is a normal and necessary part of life, it continues to be used as a weapon. Combatants at war are encouraged to defile women and girls to demoralize their enemies and contaminate blood lines. Where is the honor in that? Is the human race reversing its evolution?

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