Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Such a Lovely Snow Event

Early, early this morning, as I wandered around the apartment, anxious for the percocet to kick-in, I focused on the amber colored glory across the street. D.C. is considered the "amber city" by airline pilots because [until recently] outdoor lighting had a golden hue. Now its going to more of a glaring-bright-white-freak-out-the-criminal-element shade. Still, there was an amber glow across the street that gave the enveloping snow a warmth as it embraced every horizontal surface. Sorry -- my attempts to capture it digitally failed. Try to imagine these pics in shades of gold, at night. Smallish globe lights highlighted the falling snow. All together, it reminded me of a Currier and Ives illustration.


Mark said...

Even without the glow, the pics are great.

dcpeg said...

Thank you, Mark. You always find something nice to say and I appreciate that.